4 Natural Skincare Products You Can Make At Home

As you get older, your skin care regimen becomes even more important. And even though we like to think we’ll be forever young, the truth of the matter is this: you and your skin are getting older! I’ve tried my fair share of skincare products, and after testing a few a friend had made, realized I loved the all natural skincare products you can make at home. Added bonus: they’re super cheap. So if you went overboard during the holidays, these DIY products may be just what you need to alleviate the load on your bank account and help improve your skin.

Face Moisturizer

If you’re like me and have battled with expensive moisturizers for years without finding a favourite, all natural may be the way to go. A friend introduced me to this recipe last year, and it’s the perfect, light, everyday moisturizer that is entirely natural. There’s some room to switch up your favourite essential oils (I like to use grapefruit and mint), and also to substitute other oils if your skin reacts better to others, like substituting almond oil for grapeseed oil. This one can be a bit tricky to mix, so be sure to read through all of the frequently asked questions before playing chemist.

Coffee Scrub

There are a few coffee scrub recipes floating around the internet, but the Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub Recipe by Wellness Mama is one of the best thanks to the addition of vanilla it smells amazing. Coffee naturally has a tightening effect (bye bye stretch marks), and for coffee lovers, is an accessible and cheap ingredient. While the scrub can be messy, it’s a great companion in the shower.

Facial Scrub

There are so many natural exfoliants out there, it almost seems silly to buy one. Salt and sugar, while terrible for you on the inside, are actually great household products to add to your cleanser 3 times a week. Looking for an actual recipe? This Better than Botox Facial Scrub is a pretty great recipe option, and the essential oils are the perfect addition for a just before bed beauty regime to help you sleep like a baby.

Makeup Remover

What if you could make your own makeup remover in under 2 minutes and well under $5? You’d call me crazy, right? While straight coconut oil provides an amazing makeup remover, you can go the extra mile and combine 3 tablespoons of witch hazel and 2 tablespoons of nourishing oil (which could be coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond) and you’ll have an incredible, all natural makeup remover. It’s cheap, so easy, and gets even the strongest mascara off.

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