4 Easy Steps to Perfect Eyebrows

When it comes to completing your desired makeup look, eyebrows can make it or break it. Yes, those two even lines of hair can add dramatic, sophistication and flair to your entire look – that’s if you do it right. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with perfectly bold brows a la Lily Collins. Worry not – here are 4 practical ways to achieve praise-worthy brows with some simple beauty tools.

Apply Vaseline to your brows for growth

I’m not entirely sure how factual this is, but I received this advice from my regular eyebrow pro who took my skinny, sparse brows to full, semi-thick beauties – even on the ends! If your brows are lacking hair, use this tip: after washing off your make-up in its entirety, apply Vaseline on the brow arch and leave on until the next morning. The Vaseline is said to encourage natural hair growth and is safe enough to use on sensitive skin.

Thread instead of Wax

I know there are some which swear by waxing their eyebrows, but threading can actually be better for two reasons: adding definition and stimulating after growth. When you thread, you not only get those annoying and stubborn lone hairs, but threading allows your brows to be evenly shaped to your preference.  As well, unlike waxing, threading (when done right) only takes off the hair and not the entire hair follicle required for growth.

Brush up, not down and tweeze

We’ve all been there; the time between when you just got your brows done to the time where they almost need to get redone. There is new, uneven in-growth and it’s just enough to drive you insane. Instead of running to your esthetician right away, use a brow brush and brush up all the hair in the same direction, which will help to keep your brow uniformed and look fuller and always pluck those single hairs when you can.

Use an eyebrow shadow or shaping pencil

There is often a stigma for filling in your brows, even though it is probably the best enhancer to your makeup regime. From pencils to gels to shadows, there are so many products specifically made to enhance, smooth and define your brow. My favourite and incredibly easy to use is Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings ($36) from Sephora.ca, which features a wax and powder that as Benefit puts it, keeps your brows “looking wow.” Important note: do not go overboard and fill in your brows so thick that it looks you smudged a crayon on your face – try to achieve a natural, realistic look.

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