6 Perfect Valentine’s Day Perfumes

Fragrances are one of the most personal gifts to give or recieve, because of how closely scent is tied to memory. A romantic gift of perfume on Valentine's day can create a lasting sense memory that will be sparked everytime it is sprayed for years. These are six perfumes I would love to receive as a present this Valentine's day (hint, hint).

1. Prada Candy

The striking bottle that houses Prada’s candy is the perfect fusion of sophisticated and girly, much like the perfume inside. Notes of musk give way to a caramel base, creating a fragrance that is both sweet and mature. $96 at The Bay.

2. Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Eau So Fresh is a lighter version of Marc Jacob’s original daisy fragrance. It combines fruity, floral and woody notes; perfect to get ready for the beginning of Spring! $75 at Sears.

3. Be Jeweled by Vera Wang

This perfume’s crystalline container is fit for royalty, as is the perfume inside. Its top notes contain berries and champagne, and at its heart are pink sugar crystals. At Shoppers Drug Mart.

4. See By Chloe

This perfume smells casual and sexy, combining notes of jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla and musk. Perfect to wear everyday and pretend you’re French. The birdcage-shaped bottle will look pretty and quirky on a dressing table. $85 at The Bay.

5. Miss Dior Eau De Parfum

Not only is its vintage-inspired bottle to die for, Miss Dior is the chicest scent of the bunch, including fancy-sounding ingredients like Italian mandarin essence, Egyptian jasmine absolute and Indonesian patchouli essence. $74 at Sephora.

6. Rosabotanica by Balenciaga

Rosabotanica is a new version of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica, with the floral notes comprised of experimental rose, and combined with fig leaf and white amber. The scent is a floral that is as grown up and modern as its container. $84 at Sephora.

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