4 Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

With Halloween almost here, it’s time to bring the holiday to your nails. Whether you’re looking for something a little fun to jazz them up to go with your costume or prefer to keep the dressing up to your nails, these easy Halloween nail art designs will get your tips ready for the spooky night.

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Blood spatter

If a good old fashioned horror movie is your idea of a good time, you’ll love this blood spatter mani. Start off with a base of white nail polish, then get ready to get messy. Pick the bloodiest red you’ve got and pour a little out onto tinfoil. Using a straw, dip one end into the polish, position it over your nail, and blow from the other end. Clean up your cuticles and seal the gruesome look in with top coat.

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    Wow! I love your blood spatter nail art! I usually paint pumpkins and witches, a lot of black and orange colors. But this is very creative thinking πŸ™‚ And scary

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