4 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Needed (But Really Do)

Fall is the season of getting back-to-basics with our routines, whether that means eating a little healthier (this weekend’s indulgence in stuffing, aside), getting back into our fitness regimens and simplifying our beauty routines to include only the must-have items. Well, not to make your life any more complicated when it comes to choosing, but we have some new beauty products that will actually make your life a whole lot easier and your face so much fresher.

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Magicstripes Eyelid Lifting ($38)


Eyes looking a little tired? There’s a reason these have the word “magic” in them. These little stickers are the surgery-free option to lifting your eyelids, making your eyes look a little wider and brighter and leaving you looking more awake, even if you haven’t had any (read: enough) coffee yet. Sometimes even in our ’20s, we start to notice signs of aging like sagging skin (ugh, #genetics), but that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a little lift.

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