3 Spot Treatments that Actually Work

Finding a spot treatment that works for your skin type and actually helps reduce the look and size of pimples and other blemishes is a task not for the faint of heart. It can take years to find the right products to treat your skin (trust me, I know). After years upon years of testing out hundreds of skincare products by dozens of brands, I’ve finally found a set of spot treatments that actually work.

Clean & Clear Advantage Plus Popped Pimple Drying Paste

This product was designed to dry out blemishes and popped pimples overnight. However, being that a great deal of my acne is caused by oily skin, I decided to try it out as a spot treatment for my unpopped pimples. It doesn’t help get rid of the pimple altogether, but it certainly helps to reduce their size. The best way to use this paste is right after washing your face before bed. Dry your face with a cloth and apply the paste to the area. You’ll notice the product begin to dry and tighten almost immediately.

Clean & Clear Advantage Plus Popped Pimple Drying Paste

Caryl Baker emerginC Tinted Blemish Control

I was recommended this product by a friend who absolutely swears by it. The Blemish Control is strong enough to take on the worst of breakouts, but still gentle on your skin. Great for those with oily skin, you simply apply a bit of this to any blemishes or breakouts you have and leave it on overnight. By morning, you will notice the blemishes have reduced in size. Note that if you have an open pimple, this product will sting a little upon application (but that just means it’s working, right?).

Caryl Baker emerginC Tinted Blemish Control

Clearasil Rapid Action Seal-to-Clear Gel

Most of the spot treatments that actually seem to work are ones that can only be used overnight. So, I wanted to find something clear that I could use during the day underneath my makeup. I discovered Seal-to-Clear Gel a few months ago and while it doesn’t work as well as the overnighters, it still definitely helps to reduce the size of pimples. One of the best features of this product is that it creates an invisible barrier for the pimple, so when you touch your blemishes (just admit it, we all do it), you won’t be making them worse.

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