What is Sexual Fitness?

You’re probably wondering what sexual fitness classes are exactly.  If pole dancing or weird swingers’ groups come to mind, think again.  Sexual fitness is precisely what it sounds like.  It’s training your Kegel Muscles, or sexual muscles, to be toned, have increased stamina and become capable of exponentially more intense orgasms.

Kegel exercises were first officially developed in 1948 by Los Angeles gynecologist, Arnold Kegel.  These exercises consist of pelvic floor workouts that target the pubococcygues muscles, which have also become known as “the kegel muscles.”  They stretch from the pelvic bone to the tailbone in the shape of a figure eight.  If you’re not sure how to target your kegels, try to stop urinating mid-stream the next time you visit the ladies’ room.  The muscles you squeeze to turn off the faucet are your kegel muscles.  Once you’ve found your “O” muscles, it’s time to hit the gym for a sexual fitness class or even tackle the exercises at home.

Sexual fitness classes, or kegel workouts, at a basic level consist of squeezing and holding your kegel muscles for a specified duration then flexing your kegels in rapid succession.  The beauty of these exercises is that they can be done anywhere without anyone around being the wiser.  Feeling naughty enough for more complex kegel exercises?  Try lying on your back, feet on the ground hip-width apart with your knees facing the sky.  From this position, lift your bum off the floor until your back is straight.  Hold and tighten your kegels in this position.  Once you’ve mastered this, try bouncing while squeezing your kegels in the same position. 

Inside the classroom, you will undoubtedly be assigned a large yoga ball.  A rhythmic bounce on the ball will increase blood flow to the bone zone and even a little head rush.  Next, you may be asked to press all your girly bits onto the ball then rock slowly back and forth.  If you’re not feeling a little frisky mid-way through this one, you definitely need more classes.  Another exercise utilizing the ball involves placing your feet on the ball with your back on the floor, which opens your body up for the best missionary of your life or even suppertime for your man.  This can also be done on the ground in butterfly position.  You’ll be ready to devour your man by the time you get home, guaranteed.

So, what will these exercises deliver exactly?  Well, in the short game, they increase blood flow to the genitals, which triggers major arousal and intensifies sensitivity.  With regular practice, muscle tone increases, leading to a smorgasbord of tantalizing benefits.  Fit kegel muscles will give you extraordinary control over your orgasms, a tighter feel for your man and exponentially-more powerful orgasms.  Let me break this down to the most essential point.  If you have never experienced G-spot orgasms and the rolling orgasms you can achieve by hitting that delicious button, you will after juicing up your kegel muscles.  Sadly, most women are only able to orgasm clitorally.  This is due to a lack of strength in the kegel muscles.  Unfortunately, the pelvic region is a sexual desert for the majority of gals out there, which makes finding a G-spot orgasm akin to searching for water in the Sahara.  Learning to strengthen and manipulate these muscles will take your sexual fulfillment to an unimaginable new level.  Further, your new kung-fu grip on your man’s member will simultaneously give him the best sex he’s ever had. 

If any of these benefits sound even remotely appealing, sign up for a class or give the exercise a whirl at home.  You will undoubtedly awaken a sexual energy you never even knew you had.  So, go hit the gym then make sure your man is around for a tussle in the sheets!

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