Walk Your Way to a Healthier You

One advantage to spring and warmer weather is more opportunities to be outside. When it comes to getting active, one of the best exercises you can do is walk. Think about it”it’s low-impact, there’s no learning curve and you don’t need any fancy equipment. It’s good for you and the environment. Not to mention that this time of year is gorgeous for going out and getting your walk on. 

Plus, it’s free!

Fun fact: half of the car trips made are less than five miles”a distance easily walked. Walking instead of driving is one way to lower your fuel expenses while improving your health and well-being. Lacing up your sneakers instead of starting that car engine can be one the healthiest”and easiest”decisions you make this spring.

Wouldn’t your rather burn calories than a hole in your pocket? An 150-pound person walking briskly can burn an average of 320 calories per hour. A car, on the other hand, burns about $4 per gallon.

There are other perks on top of the calorie burn benefit. Walking improves circulation and helps with cardio. It is an easy way to improve your cholesterol levels too. On top of that, if you’re feeling blue”hit the pavement! Walking has been proven as a natural pick-me-up.

Easy ways to sneak walking into your routine:

In the grocery store. Do you treat grocery shopping like an Olympic event? Instead of one massive grocery trip where you lug 15 pounds of groceries to your car at the end, take more walking trips to the store. Only buy what you can physically carry home. If you need to buy more groceries (say for your family), you might bring your spouse or kids with you and have them help.

In the parking lot. Stop circling like a vulture for a closer spot in the parking lot, and park at the other end of the parking lot. Unless you are getting a large item like a fridge, stop wasting gas driving around a parking lot. Park your car once and walk the rest of the way.

Groove out. Music is one of the greatest motivators out there. You can listen to approximately three songs in the time it takes you to walk a mile, so refresh your playlist and add at least three new upbeat songs to your iPod or MP3 player.

Invest in a pedometer. Pedometers are an easy and cheap way to be sure of the distance you’re walking. It’s an extra little reminder right on your hip to tell you to take some extra steps or to literally go the extra mile!

Enlist a friend. Next time your friend wants to go to a movie, suggest a walk instead. You’ll be surprised at how fun it is. It provides a nicer setting for conversations, doesn’t cost you and your friend a dime and you won’t even realize you’re working out while listening to the latest juicy news!

Walking then, proves to be a win-win situation for all. Do it for your health, the planet’s health or your pocketbook’s health. Either way, you won’t regret getting out from behind that wheel and on to the pavement.

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