The Ultimate Workout Playlist

Let’s face it: it’s not a workout without music, and as much as we’d like to think that putting our iPods on shuffle while sweating it out will suffice, there’s something about Damien Rice following Lady Gaga that just seems wrong.  That’s why we’ve assembled a list of ten songs perfect for a solid workout, leaving skipping and shuffle to be no longer required.

1. Bad Romance

Artist: Lady Gaga

Crank it up because: There’s no way you won’t run with a little extra attitude when mentally belting out every word and ra ra ra.

2. She’s Hearing Voices

Artist: Bloc Party

Crank it up because: It’s the badass version of any Killers song “ and nothing makes you push it harder like feeling badass.

3. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

Artist: C + C Music Factory

Crank it up because: It’s cliché©, stereotypical and overplayed.  That being said, it’s impossible not to love and bust a move (or brisk jog) to.

4. Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger (Live Version)

Artist: Daft Punk

Crank it up because: It’s a necessity to work out to some sort of dance music.  But just because it’s dance doesn’t mean it has to come off the soundtrack of Jersey Shore.

5. Fixin to Thrill

Artist: Dragonette

Crank it up because: Front woman Marina Sorbara understands the importance of combining empowerment, energy and the need to dance.

6. Gimme Sympathy

Artist: Metric

Crank it up because: You’ll not only keep up to pace with person on the neighbouring treadmill, but you’ll ponder the eternal question: The Beatles or the Stones?

7. Bulletproof

Artist: La Roux

Crank it up because: There’s something to be said about relatable lyrics that keep up to a workout pace usually reserved for only trance.

8. Flash Delirium

Artist: MGMT

Crank it up because: It’s anything but typical, and it’s varying tempos will keep you focused on your workout (while pondering the creative wonder of band members Andrew and Ben).

9. White Sky

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Crank it up because: It embodies summer “ and nothing will keep you focused on achieving your beach body like the musical equivalent of a day spent building sandcastles.

10. Photobooth

Artist: Friendly Fires

Crank it up because: It’s the perfect follow-up to the summery sounds of Vampire Weekend.  You’ll keep your energy level up while making the transition to post-workout stretches.

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