Top 5 Celebrity Bikini Bodies & Their Workouts

We all need some gym motivation from time to time, but instead of shaming yourself to the gym, here are some really aspirational bodies that we can all try to achieve (and admire).

1)    Jessica Alba:

This mom worked hard for her body! Sure some of it’s a genetic miracle, but she has worked off her baby weight through exercise clean eating and wearing a girdle! To keep her body in perfect shape post-baby, Jessica trains with celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza and sticks to cardio- spinning, boot-camp classes and mixes it up with strength training and yoga. Her diet emphasizes low glycemic carbs, lean proteins and lots of fresh vegetables. One of her diet tricks is to indulge in healthier snacks- rice chips, almonds, seaweed and fruits when she's craving salty or sweet snacks. The key is to not ignore your cravings but indulge in a healthy way. 

Jessica Alba bikini body

2)    Rihanna:

She’s got the curves and looks incredible in her barely-there outfits. Rihanna's body is sculpted and shaped by 25 minute workouts, five times a week, 10,000 steps a day and five small meals a day. Rihanna follows her personal trainer Harley Pasternak's 5-factor/5 meals a day diet. Each meal must contain five key ingredients – protein, fibre, healthy carbs (fruits & vegetables), healthy fat (nuts) and lots of water. Rihanna also indulges in one cheat day a week – chocolate, cakes, and other treats are fair game! It helps keep her on track without feeling too restricted. 

Rihanna Bikini Body

3)    Jessica Biel:

Another Jessica, another amazing beach body. Mrs. Timberlake has a killer bod and it's all credited to lots of outdoor activities and gym time. Jessica is often spotted going on runs, snowboarding, surfing, and is super duper outdoors-y. In 2010, Jessica climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! Jessica works out with trainer Jason Walsh five to six times a week and describes her workout as a mix of cardio, plyometrics, and strength training. To keep her muscles long and lean, she also mixes in yoga twice a week. She also stricks to a vegetables and lean meat diet. 

Jessica Biel bikini body

4)    Rachel Bilson:

Petite and fit, Rachel Bilson always looks great. Unlike Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson is anything but a gym fanatic. She prefers tennis, swimming, yoga and dancing to stay in shape. Rachel tries to cook a lot of her own meals to help maintain a healthy diet and avoid processed foods. However, she does love to indulge in junk-food cravings (as a treat)- her favorites are Flamin' Hot Cheetos and cereal. But day-to-day, she follows her trainer David Kirsh's ABCDEF plan which avoids- alcohol, bread, carbs, dairy, extra sweets and fruits and fats a majority of the time. So most of the time, she'll stick to lean proteins and vegetables. 

Rachel Bilson bikini body

5)    Beyonce:

Beyonce is a busy woman, but she is fiercely disciplined! She works out whenever she has the chance, even if it means doing squats for five minutes between breaks! Beyonce's trainer Marco Borges trains her using his siganture Power Moves workout. This system is similar to interval training and works several muscle groups at once. As for diet, Beyonce has been very open about her experiences with the Master Cleanse and other equally aggresive liquid diets to loose weight- fast! But after giving birth to her baby Blue Ivy, she was on healthier diet (but still super strict diet) of- water, fish, vegetables, and eggs. She axed rice, pasta, all liquids (other than water), and red meat from her diet. She also stopped having treats and only allowed one cheat every Sunday. Her choice indulgence? Pizza. Beyonce's body is made of hard work and lots of self-control. Gotta admire her awesome body and dedication! 

Beyonce Bikini body

Now, time to get off the couch and get moving… that bikini body is only a healthy diet and some lunges away! 

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