The Top 29 Ways to Improve Your Mood

Life’s got bumps, we all know it, and sometimes the worst moods just won’t seem to quit. But there are little things you can do each day to help make your low days a little more manageable. Here are 29 easy ways to lift your mood:

Laugh out loud

Whether it’s your local comedy hour or just your local cable channel, giving yourself a reason to laugh is often the easiest and quickest way to improve your mood immediately.

Dose with Vitamin D

Get out into the sunshine and let it to what it does best “ make you smile.


Human touch releases a whole ton of endorphins, so whether it’s your man or your mom, find someone to snuggle up to and let the feel good begin.

Bust out the paintbrush

Need a more permanent mood-booster in your life? Consider repainting around the house “ the colours yellow and blue reportedly can help you feel happier and calmer, respectively.

Practice those pipes

Whether it’s karaoke with friends or singing in your shower completely alone, busting into song is shown to immediately boost your mood.

Smile at a stranger

Trust us, it helps! Don’t believe us? Go on a try¦

Kick the habit

If you’re a smoker, your withdrawal symptoms will naturally make you a crankier, less happy person. Kick the habit to up your happy.

Get crafty

Look to your creative side and get artsy for an afternoon, whether it be painting, DIY-ing, or even just writing. Studies show expressing yourself helps diminish negative emotions.

Get moving

Thirty minutes of exercise per day is shown to significantly improve your mood for up to 12 hours after you’ve finished sweating it out.

Call your family

Nothing can improve your mood like unconditional love. Call your parents or your sister or one of your grandparents, they’d probably be just as happy to hear from you.

Free up some time

Feeling stressed usually comes hand-in-hand with a jam-packed schedule. Don’t feel bad about turning people down if it means getting some (much-deserved) time to yourself.

Sleep it off

Nothing can kill off a terrible mood like some quality time with your sheets. You’d be amazed what a few hours of zzz’s can do to dramatically improve your mood.

Get sexy

If you’d rather do something a little more exciting between those sheets, sex or masturbation is another great way to release endorphins and immediately improve your mood.


Giving up an hour of time to help someone less fortunate not only increases empathy but it also makes you more appreciative of what you have in life.

Cut fats

Research shows that reducing your fat intake, instead of your carbohydrate in take as many people do, can make you a happier (and healthier!) you.

Talk it out

Feel bummed? Grab your girls, grab a coffee, and take a walk to talk it out. You’ll be surprised how much better it feels to purge.

Get playlisted

Download a Songza playlist that is specifically designed to boost your mood and lay back and listen.

Take a bath

Sometimes improving your mood requires complete relaxation and isolation. Close the door, light some candles and rejuvenate with a warm bath.

Get spiritual

Whether it’s going to church or just meditating on your bedroom floor, tapping into your spiritual side is a great way to focus back on the positive side of things.

Eat chocolate

Because, well, there’s a reason you crave it when you’re bummed.

Stay in bed

Hey, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. If your day will only improve by not moving all day, we say embrace it.

Window shop

Impulse bad mood purchases always seem great but the boost is often short-lived, leave your wallet at home but enjoy the experience all the same.


Spill about your negative feelings but also your positive ones from that day. Just reminding yourself of good things that happened can help improve your mood immediately.

Pay attention to pets

Whether they are yours or someone else, animals have an innate ability to sense and to soothe upset moods. So utilize them!

Dance it out

Turn on some tunes and just let it go. Shake what your momma gave you until you shake that mood right out of your system.

Sip on OJ

A burst of citrus-y goodness that is proven to have both health and mood benefits. Grab a glass as soon as your start to feel down.

Bet on Betty Crocker

Therapeutic and relaxing, whip up a batch of something delicious and then bring around to a friends to share.

Type in for inspiration

Sometimes you just need a really great quote or story to remember you’re not alone. Hit up Google, type in Inspiration and the world is your oyster.

Cry it out

Sometimes when things really just won’t be solved without a really good cry. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.

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