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With all of the daily distractions, it’s easy for us to excuse ourselves for not fitting in that workout (I had to work late/It’s a friend’s bday dinner/I ate a salad at lunch). Time for some expert advice to squash the excuses!

I caught up with L.A. fitness instructor Tanja Djelevic on the set for her upcoming show The Biggest Loser Sweden, to get the info on her new time-efficient workout DVD Reebok Bootcamp. Tanja’s client list has included powerhouses Uma Thurman, Kate Beckinsale, Pink and Jennifer Garner “ so she knows what it takes to get a body looking action-hero ready. Now Tanja has teamed up with Reebok to create her new video Reebok Bootcamp, which is broken down into short routines and express workouts.

I think it is important to know that every minute is precious, says Tanja. Short workouts are better than nothing. You’re more likely to stick to short ones than hour-long sessions.

Tanja’s secret? Circuit training. Circuit training intervals have been proven to burn the most calories in the time trained, and that is exactly what the Reebok Bootcamp is. The DVD consists of a warm up, followed by six different BootCamp combos. These combos range from 7 to 12 minutes in length, some giving you an entire body workout while others focus just on your abs. The great thing about it is that you can pick and choose which combos you want to do, getting the workout you want in the time you have! I tried Tanja’s DVD at home and loved it. The music is great and Tanja really keeps you motivated. She also hit all of my favourite target areas “ thighs, butt, arms and core! And if you want to push yourself a little farther, Tanja also gives you the option to incorporate weights “ just to give you that extra kick.

Motivation is key, says Tanja. Everyone loses the motivation sometimes and I always say that is when you have to switch to auto pilot so that you get the work done. Getting in shape and seeing results are of course an amazing motivator, but there won´t be results if there is no work done. Ask yourself, Why are you doing this? Who is your role model and what kind of inspiring traits does that person have? What will you tell yourself when you want to quit? If you are prepped with these answers they might help you get through the rough spots.

Tanja’s Reebok Bootcamp 7 Express Workout launches in stores Tuesday June 8th. Click here to win one!
Tanja Djelevic Reebok DVD


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    Looks great!
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    Looks great!

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