Ten Best Places to Take a Selfie at Disneyland

Soaking up the sun in California and enjoying the many thrills at the Disneyland Resort isn’t fun unless you can share it on social media… right? Isn’t that why we do ANYTHING?! To help you make your friends and family at home jealous, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best places to take a selfie:

1.       In front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle (come on, you know it’s a classic). That iconic castle lets everyone know that, yes, you’re really there, in the Happiest Place on Earth.

2.       On the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride with Cap’n Jack in the background. Everyone needs a selfie with Johnny Depp.

3.       At the top of Mickey’s Fun Wheel looking out over the park. Just to prove that you’re not afraid of heights.

4.       Disney Character hats always make for a memorable and fashionable selfie! Stop by the Emporium on Main St. USA and try on a pair of Mickey or Minnie ears.

5.       Standing in front of the multi-hued fountains and water screens in the World of Color Nighttime Spectacular.

6.       Are you more of a Princess or Pixar fan? Wait, who needs to pick favourites?! Just strike a pose, take a selfie and add some ‘character’ to your pic!

7.       Drinking a Magical Star cocktail with a glowing blue ice cube. Snap the photo before you enjoy the drink, though, or you’ll just have a colourful cube in an empty glass, and that just looks sad.

8.       Posing with your favourite villain. You have to love the bad guys – and girls. Maleficent and Lady Tremaine are especially entertainingly evil.

9.       While waiting in line for the Tower of Terror snap pics of your frightened faces before hoping on our favourite freaky ride.

10.   Meeting Mickey Mouse, naturally! He is the Big Cheese, and as Walt Disney always said: “Remember, it all started with a mouse.”

That should get you started, but keep your eyes open for other photo-ops around the parks that will spark the envy of friends at home. Hey, maybe next time they’ll come with you!

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