Summer Isn’t Over: The Best Airbnbs 2 Hours From Toronto

Whomever proclaimed August as the end to our sizzling summer vibes was cruel. We all know summer always finds its way into September (especially considering fall doesn't actually start until three weeks in), especially to those not going back to school. I for one intend on milking September (heck, let's make it ˜till Thanksgiving) for all that it is, and I've done the legwork for you to show you some of the best Airbnb's driving distance from the city. Did we mention how Instagram-friendly they are?

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Mongolian Yurt & Tiny House on Organic Farm 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.56.03 AM

If you aren’t convinced camping is for you, get out your training wheels and go glamping. A yurt offers much of the same appeals that camping does, while still providing conveniences like a bed, kitchen and a bathroom. This little yurt even has a tiny house attached to it, so all cooking can be done in a full (but tiny) kitchen. Who wouldn’t want to sleep under the stars?

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