Stress-free Holiday Shopping

Tis’ the season to be jolly, but this isn’t always the case when the stress of Christmas shopping falls upon us. It’s just one more task to add to our agenda. Don’t let the stress of shopping take over your festive spirit and turn you into a grinch. Read on for ways to avoid the annual holiday strain:

Christmas shop in advance
It may seem a little premature to Christmas shop before any sign of snowfall, but if it means avoiding hoards of ruthless shoppers; it’s worth it. While Christmas shopping may be the last task on your to-do list come mid November, it’s always better to plan ahead. Besides, it can’t be too early if stores are already equipped with holiday cheer. From glistening decorations to fully-stocked shelves of holiday treats, you’ll instantly be set in Christmas mode. And since you’re ahead of the rush, you’ll have plenty of gift options to choose from. So what are you waiting for?

Shop online
Let’s face it ladies, with our hectic schedules, sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to spend scrambling from one store to the next. Lucky for us, in this modern day and age, shopping online has never been more convenient. So it’s time to get those Christmas tunes blasting and that mouse clicking! There are countless gift options via the world wide web that can appeal to all tastes. One piece of advice: while it may be tempting, resist the urge from making any additional purchases. After all,˜tis the season to give and not receive.

Go to the mall during the off-hours
The most irritating part about shopping centres is inarguably the crowds. Whether we are sandwiched between strangers or waiting in a lineup sprouting out the door, it ain’t pleasant. So instead of subjecting ourselves to such agony, avoid these scenarios at all costs. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Do not -I repeat, do not- head to the mall on a Saturday afternoon, even if this time may suit your schedule best. Instead, find a spare hour or two during the week. If a weekday doesn’t cut it, sacrifice a Saturday morning and get to the mall as the doors open. Even if you have to hustle to beat the crowds, consider it your cardio for the day.

Shop with your friends by your side
When we go shopping for ourselves, we rarely fly solo, so why should purchasing for others be any different? A dreary shopping day can transform into a jolly pastime when you toss a couple of girlfriends into the mix. Make your way downtown, grab a sit-down lunch with your gals and discover little festive boutiques along the way. Before making a purchase, it’s always best to get input from those you trust! Even if you think your beau would love another sweater, your friends may have a more unique idea up their sleeve.

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