Are You Getting Your Best Beauty Rest?

Throbbing headaches, pulled muscles and aching backs “ we’re all aware of how these common short-term ailments can plague our waking hours, but what many of us may not realize is that these same pesky conditions are wreaking havoc on another crucial aspect of our lives: the quality of our sleep.

Every year, about 30% of Canadians will have a problem with acute pain that interferes with sleep, says Dr. Adam Moscovitch, an International Sleep Expert with more than 20 years experience researching sleep disorders. Acute, short-term problems like headaches, neck pain or muscle ache “ not to be confused with more serious chronic conditions (like diabetes or arthritis) that causes pain, and can go on for years “ can disrupt your sleep. Acute pain can make us lose an average of two hours of sleep per night, adds Dr. Moscovitch.  It’s not just the amount of sleep we lose, but when we’re in pain, we miss those crucial hours of deep sleep that we need to not only feel refreshed when we wake up, but also to feel recovered from injury, says Moscovitch. In short, if you’re not getting the right kind of sleep (most adults require six to eight hours of shut-eye per night), your pain will continue and your recovery from injury is much longer.

To ease these acute symptoms, Dr. Moscovitch recommends a product like Advil Nighttime – a non-prescription pain reliever that also helps you sleep ( for more info). Advil Nighttime provides proven pain relief that will make you rest more comfortably and get the crucial rest your body needs, he says. Of course, he cautions not to rely solely on sleep medications for long periods of time. You need to know the underlying cause of your sleep disorder. Medication is okay for a few days, and can help the problem from becoming chronic. Consult your doctor for any ongoing issues.

In short, getting the right amount of quality shut-eye every night will preserve and protect your health, happiness and make you more focused and effective at work and in your personal relationships.

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