Skinny Easter Desserts

Hippity-hop, hippity-hop, someone has landed themselves on dessert duty at this years family Easter. The great news is, this allows you to supply a delicious treat to close off the day, without totally busting up all your bikini body prep work you’ll done this winter.

Here’s our picks for the best skinny Easter desserts.

Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate

All you need is skewers, some delicious fruit and a bar of melted chocolate to make this memorable dessert one you can indulge in and never feel guilty.



15 Minute Mini Apple Pies

Perfectly portions mini apple pies for under 50 calories per serving? Can I get an AMEN?



Frozen Yogurt Bunny Bites

These little frozen treats are so adorable the kids won’t even care that they are healthy when they start scarfing them down.



Mini Gluten Free Carrot Cakes

These guilt-free, single serve cakes are low fat and gluten free. And they taste amazing! Could you really ask for anything more?



Whole-Wheat Hot Cross Buns with Cherries & Lemon

The best part about these Easter staple is not only that they’re better for your than the originals¦but they are also the perfect treat for breakfast the next morning.



Rice Krispie Treat Bark

Topped with strawberries and torched mashmallows, this Easter treat is destined to be a hit that the whole family will want you repeating year after year after year.



Healthy Lemon Tarts

We love everything about lemon in the spring. And our Easter desserts really should be no exception. So simple and so delicious.



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