Rose Reisman Personal Gourmet Review

When the warm weather hits, it’s always a good time to get your eating back on track. That’s why when we had an opportunity to test out noted Toronto nutritionist Rose Reisman’s Personal Gourmet (, we welcomed it.

What it is:
The personal gourmet program serves up healthy, frozen meals to your door once per week. Each program is tailored to your budget and dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten-free, no dairy). You can order up breakfast, lunch, dinner or just the meals you want. A typical meal contains the perfect ratio of protein, starch and veggies and is vacuum sealed to stick it right in the freezer to be heated up in the microwave or oven.

As far as we’re concerned, she should consider calling it guilt-free gourmet “ the food is filling and delicious, and the calorie counts are low. 

Favourites include the Grilled salmon teriyaki and dried cranberry couscous and grilled asparagus:

Rose reisman salmon 

And the Shrimp with feta:

Rose reisman shrimp

And the Wild and brown rice salad with dried fruit, pecans and grilled chicken in a sesame orange dressing:
wild rice and chicken 

Bottom line: The food was flavourful, affordable and super filling. Plus, our pants felt a bit looser after two weeks of trying out the food “ and who doesn’t like that? 

Visit for more info.  

* All Photography by David Johns


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