Resolutions to Stick With

Every year you make the same resolutions, and every year you’ve already cracked by the time January 3rd hits. Make it different this year by following these simple suggestions:

Be Realistic
If you make unrealistic goals, you’re only setting up yourself for disappointment if you’re unable to keep them. Instead, focus on goals that are attainable, or at least give yourself a reasonable time period for you to complete your goals.

Find Support
If you’re serious about sticking to your resolutions, share your thoughts for some support. For example, if you’re thinking about quitting smoking, let your friends and family know so they can be understanding if you’re not being you’re usual self.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself
The key to achieving goals is not to overwhelm yourself. Think of a few long-term goals instead of a long list of large goals. While it’s good to have many aspirations, having too many and too many big ones can leave you feeling stressed, and more likely to revert to your normal routine.

Write it Down
It’s all about visualization. Try writing a list or your main resolutions and posting them in places you commonly locate. For example, print out a list of your resolutions and tape it to your mirror. This way, you can keep a clear focus and not lose your drive to succeed. If this sounds too intense for you, try keeping a secret list in your wallet. Just knowing that it’s there will mean you’ll be conscious of your long-term goals.

Go Easy on Yourself
We all go through struggles when it come to New Year’s resolutions, the important thing is to not be hard on yourself when/if you feel yourself failing a bit. For example, if your resolved to go on a diet, but find yourself eating a huge bowl of ice cream, write it off as a one-off and get back on the wagon the next day. Self-pitying or the feeling of failure will make it that much harder to stick to your goals.

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