A Perfect Post-Workout Meal

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The first time I was introduced to yoga was through my mom in the 80s, she used to practice a slow and gentle style and every now and again I would see her strike a pose at home. My curiosity piqued, I decided to watch an instructional yoga video she received as a gift to see what this yoga thing was all about, but 15 minutes in I was bored to tears and turned it off.

Years later I was reintroduced to yoga through Lululemon; they were opening a new store nearby and were offering free Sunday morning yoga classes to the community. What I experienced that day, early on a Sunday morning, was completely different from my first encounter with yoga; the poses where challenging and the teacher was engaging. I was instantly hooked and this early morning class became a weekly ritual, which was then followed by rewarding myself with a chocolate croissant at Tim Hortons for breakfast.

I’ve moved on from taking free yoga classes and am now attending a private studio where I can advance my practice. By advancing my yoga practice I’m working my muscles harder, such as my core, back, arms and legs, which makes me absolutely hungry after class. Yoga is all about balance; balance in your mind, body and spirit, and once I leave class I’m eager to get my hands on the nearest food source and chow down. Several times after class I’ve stopped at a greasy fish and chips joint and even – brace yourself – McDonalds! How un-yoga like is that! I would rationalize in my head this was my reward for being good. I was going to class, burnt off a bunch of calories and then needed to replenish my body with nourishment of sorts, although deep down that was a total cop-out.

Looking for better and quicker food options I was asked to try Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees. Skeptical at first, I eventually found myself standing in the frozen food aisle of the supermarket and I was surprised to see that they offer more than 20 meal options which included meat, fish and vegetarian. I decided to give the Glazed Chicken a go to see if it would help curb my hunger and break my after class food binge.

After a particularly brutal yoga class the other day I came home sweaty and ready to eat a horse.  I popped my newly purchased Lean Cuisine meal into the microwave and in five minutes out came lunch. I appreciated that the meal was well portioned with just the right amount of protein, grains and vegetables, and most importantly tasty! For once I was rewarding myself with something healthy after class and to top off the meal there’s a Lean Cuisine Rewards program where you can use PINs found inside Lean Cuisine products and earn points for free entré©es, gift cards for groceries or home appliances. If I knew that a healthy meal could reward me two times over then I would have ditched the Big Mac combo after yoga class a long time ago. 

How do you reward yourself?

Lean Cuisine Rewards has given 29Secrets one bonus PIN code to share with our readers. The bonus PIN may be redeemed for one free Lean Cuisine entree, or the points can be saved to redeem later for a larger reward. You will need to register online with the Lean Cuisine Rewards Program in order to claim your points. We will choose the lucky reader at random who has entered their information, by visiting our LEAN CUISINE PIN CODE GIVEAWAY page. 

This post was generously sponsored by Lean Cuisine Rewards, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit www.leancuisine.ca/en/rewards.

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  1. Avatar
    • Ben
    • May 14, 2014
    Interesting. I find I am super hungry after yoga too. And sooo easy to just go binge eat. This is a good way to portion control. Thanks!
  2. Avatar
    • Leila
    • May 14, 2014
    I’ve never tried Lean Cuisine. I had a bad experience with Michelinas and never wanted to try those things again. But, after seeing your post, I may be persuaded.

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