Perfect Holiday Party Menu

It’s difficult to make the perfect menu in this day and age: a vegetarian or gluten-free eater pops up every other day. But the holidays aren’t a time for stress”follow these tips for a perfect holiday party menu that’s perfect for everyone on your list.

Pasta and veal: If you’re serving a small number of guests, you can afford to make a few separate dishes to satisfy everyone’s dietary needs. Opt for a traditional pairing, such as veal with pasta. Vegetarians and vegans will happily dig into a bowl of pasta with fresh tomato sauce while meat-eaters allow the pasta to compliment their veal. Gluten-free or egg-free pasta options are available at the grocery store, if need be.

Pasta e fagioli: The hostess with the mostest will go that extra mile for her guests. While you’re cooking the veal, allow some beans and tomato sauce to cook on the stove for a few hours, then serve with pasta to give your vegetarian guests a complete protein-rich meal.

Holiday stir-fry: Going gluten-free? A meal to satisfy every diet: cook some whole grain rice and stir-fry your favourite veggies. Cook chicken or steak strips in a separate pan and line the table with several sauces. This meal will be just as colourful as the holiday dé©cor (and tasty too). The great thing about a stir-fry is how easy it is for the guests to personalize their own.

Festive fiesta: Tacos are also easy to customize. This meal is just as easy to prepare as the holiday stir-fry: heat the beans and meat in separate pans while someone chops up lettuce, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Duck into your fridge for fresh salsa, cheese and sour cream. Your dinner table will be festooned with bright colours that invite your guests to make their own. And the mess will give you something to talk about.

Simple side dishes: a risotto is classy and gluten-free; lentils with spinach is exquisite; and, of course, cooked vegetables are a reliable fall-to. If you want to see your guests’ eyes light up like a Christmas tree, start off the evening with fresh bruschetta (dice tomatoes, onions and add olive oil and basil), mini pizzas or garlic bread.

Don’t desert dessert: Too tired to bake? Whip up a bowl of mixed berries and whipped cream.

There, voilé ! You’ve done it!

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