New Body Sculpting Technology, EMSculpt, Promises To Build Muscle & Burn Fat

There is no shortage of treatments and procedures in the marketplace promising to help you achieve a better body. The latest is a much-hyped non-surgical procedure called EMSculpt that aims to target those problem areas you can’t always reach at the gym.

EMSculpt is a non-invasive treatment that claims to help you burn fat and increase muscle at the same time. Women and men are trying out the new FDA-approved technology to help tone and firm areas like the abdominals and the buttocks.

“The beauty of the EMSculpt is that it adds a whole new dimension and level of body sculpting that we could not address or offer before its release,”  says Dr. Stephen Mulholland of SpaMedica in Toronto.

Stubborn fat that won’t disappear with diet and exercise is a common complaint, and Dr. Mulholland has seen a steady increase in recent years in the number of patients seeking non-invasive options to slim their waist, and even lift their backside.

“We have lots of technology that will permanently reduce fat such as popular treatments like CoolSculpting (induced hypothermia), SculpSure (sustained laser-induced hyperthermia), UltraShape (high-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU), Vanquish (sustained hyperthermia using microwave) and trueSculpt (sustained hyperthermia using radiofrequency energy),” says Dr. Mulholland. “These permanent fat-reduction technologies allow us to enhance body contouring through localized fat reduction.”

“The unique beauty of EMSculpt is that for the first time we can add to our body-sculpting results by toning, shaping and firming the underlying muscle while additionally killing fat from the inside out.”

How does it work?

EMSculpt uses high-intensity electromagnetic technology to “implode” fat cells while causing the muscles in your abdomen or buttocks to contract. Once you are hooked up to the EMSculpt machine, you’ll experience roughly 20,000 muscle contractions in a 30-minute session. Think of it like seriously upping your game with your crunches or squats.

For ideal candidates (see below), four 30-minute sessions can yield noticeable results. In fact, Dr. Mulholland claims most patients begin to see results within the first four to six weeks, and those results can be enhanced with consistent diet and exercise (as one would expect).

Does it hurt?

No, it doesn’t. The sensation of your abdomen contracting does feel awkward at first, but there is no pain. Plus, the intensity of EMSculpt’s contractions is controlled by a trained technician, and can be lowered or intensified at the client’s request.

There is no downtime following an EMSculpt treatment, and patients are encouraged to return to normal activities immediately following their appointment. This can include physical activities at the gym, on the court, in the rink or in the yoga studio immediately following treatment, if desired. The only real side effect of the treatment is sore muscles, which isn’t different from the feeling you would get following an intense workout with lots of crunches or squats. That stiff feeling is from lactic acid buildup, and it disappears or reduces significantly within 48-72 hours following the treatment.

The ideal candidate

Like most nonsurgical weight loss procedures out there, EMSculpt is not intended for those who are seriously overweight. Dr. Mulholland advises that the ideal candidates are already reasonably fit and have only a moderate layer of abdominal fat.

“If you are trying to lose a considerable amount of weight, this is not for you,” says Dr. Mulholland. “This is an effective solution to help improve those stubborn pockets of fat.”

He also notes that EMSculpt candidates should have realistic expectations about the modest, permanent fat reduction and muscle toning that can be achieved.

For more information on EMSculpt visit: SpaMedica.

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