Muffin-Top Mayhem: How to Fix the Spillover

Muffin-top, the extra fat hanging over the sides of your pants isn’t nearly as cute as the name implies. If muffin-top is your main concern, bathing suit season has probably got you running for cover. Getting into tip-top midriff shape doesn’t have to mean doing thousands of crunches every day. In fact, it shouldn’t. There are a number of great exercises that target your abdominal muscles and help make you super-strong, but ultimately, you must reveal what’s below the bulge.

To reduce your body fat percentage (less fat = trimmer figure), it’s important to have a consistent routine of both cardio intervals and strength training. If hours on the treadmill aren’t wearing you ‘thinner’, try breaking your cardio workout into intervals for 10-20 minutes, with 30 seconds of high intensity followed by a one minute break (stay moving, but bring your heart rate down by walking in place). Whether you choose 30 seconds of running on the treadmill (or down your street when the weather is nice), or 30 seconds of jumprope, small bursts of high intensity exercise mean your body works harder and burns more calories.

Do three days of cardio intervals, and two days of strength training. Even if you don’t have free weights, there’s no excuse not to add strength training into your routine. Lunges, squats, push-ups, and leg raises are all easy (and free!) ways to make sure you build the strength you need to help keep your metabolism high even after your workout is over. No pricey gym membership required.

Those stubborn last pounds that are still clinging onto your sides will need you to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet with your exercise. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, proteins, and an overall reduction in your salt, saturated fats, and alcohol intake are all essential to your success.

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