Lingerie Fashion: Innerwear as Outerwear

Remember the days when people would only leave the house in their pajamas so they could grab the morning paper? Thanks to ridiculous fashion trends, those days are long gone! Innerwear as outerwear has caught on, and women around the world are making fashion statements with their sleepwear. You can find evidence of this trend on the spring/summer runways, on the streets, and in stores. Check out these hot items that“ despite their appearances“you would never wear to bed.

The Slip Dress
Sheer fabric is in. Maxi dresses are in. Sheer maxi dress that resembles a nightgown? Totally in! Proenza Schouler, as seen below, and countless other designers featured slip dresses on their spring/summer runways. The sheer fabric, combined with longer hemlines, gives an elegant and whimsical look. The key to styling a slip dress is to accessorize. If you just wear the dress, then you might actually look like you are just getting out of bed. Many who have taken this trend to the streets are pairing the feminine dress with harsher accessories such as military vests or jackets, boots or clogs, and lots of chunky jewelry. The final product is a very youthful yet graceful look. If you are looking to try this out yourself, the popularity of the slip dress is growing so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one in stores.

Image taken from the Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, Nude Dress available at Aritzia ($245).

The Pajama Pant
In high school if you wore your pajama pants to school, it meant that you woke up five minutes before class and were too lazy to change. Now women are strategically planning their outfits based on these loose-fitting, patterned, silky trousers. They look great with a loose-fitting, solid coloured top to complete the overall bohemian look. However it is also possible to do some print mixing and colour blocking to really liven up the outfit. When you find yourself the perfect pair, you may find them difficult to style. But be persistent and keep trying different looks, because when executed properly it’s truly an amazing look. 

Image taken from the Vena Cava Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, Pants by Tory Burch ($195).

The Slipper Shoe
This is the ultimate creature of comfort shoe. Why swap your slippers for high-heeled, strappy, uncomfortable shoes when you leave the house? Think of the slipper shoe as a fuzzy variation of the loafer. They can be worn with dresses“ long and short“ skinny jeans, shorts, and high waisted skirts. You name it! The only thing that might not be comfortable is the initial feeling when you walk out of your house dressed in slippers, but you’ll get over that. When looking at the runway, street style, and in store proof as seen below, it’s hard to argue with this trend. It’s just so cute.

Image taken from the Jenni Kayne Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, Slippers by Stubbs & Wootton ($395).

Sympatico Image


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