Your Guide to Summertime Layering

Though it may be tempting to adopt a uniform of flimsy summer dresses and $2 flip-flops, we all know style calls for a little bit more. After all, there’s a reason most of us shy away from the standard cotton tunic when dressing up for a night on the town, so to help you embrace both the heat and fashion’s best, here’s our guide to summertime layering.

All Over Oversized

A tank top and shorts may seem like a safe bet on a day defined by humidity and sunshine, but to add dimension to an otherwise standard outfit, you’ll want to gaze upon the wide world of oversized blouses, as large, thinly-knitted dress shirts can add a much-needed kick to a typical summer ensemble. Worn over a tank top and with printed shorts, a denim or even solid-toned oversized cotton shirt (with the sleeves rolled up) can make for a vibe synonymous with California cool, as the likes of Whitney Port and Rihanna keep their looks interesting with only a simple addition.

Totally Tights

Short-shorts aren’t for everyone, but with the addition of tights worn underneath, the opportunity for risk-taking increases since a barrier’s created between looking scandalous and looking stylish. On days with a breeze, donning black opaque (or even printed) tights underneath short denim or leather shorts allows you to take more of a fashion chance, keeping you summer appropriate, but also ensuring you’re not roasting in full-length pants.


While Canada’s a country defined by hot, sticky summers, most of us realize that certain days call for more than just a tank top and skirt thanks to the inconsistency of the Great White North. And with countless designers featuring seasonal-appropriate blazers in their spring/summer collections, it’s possible to don a well-tailored business suit or blazer that won’t leave you roasting. Provided it’s made of light material, you can pair a well-structured blazer with a pair of short-shorts and a floral blouse (as championed by the likes of Mango), or even a vintage-inspired jacket with a pencil skirt and v-neck tank for that classic vintage feel.


Thanks to Tommy Hilfiger’s ultra-preppy spring/summer collection, we learned it was possible to don a bikini top with a blazer and miniskirt. And while you may not want to head into town wearing one-part bathing suit, you can use pieces like denim jackets to cover up on evenings at the beach or at the cottage. Adopting an unorthodox approach to beach cover ups makes it possible make beach chic more runway, as layering an oversized tank with a retro one-piece keeps you both summertime and 2011-appropriate.


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