How To Re-Energize Your Space (And Your Vibe!)

By Alison McGill

The energy of the past two years has been heavy. How many times have you said to a friend you’re feeling off, but can’t quite define exactly what that means. What we’re talking about here is a vibe shift, a new world buzz-term that The Cut recently did an investigative feature on tracing its origins. It can be attributed to trend-forecaster Sean Monahan in an entry from a Substak called 8Ball. Monahan defined a vibe shift as a change in culture where once dominant social norms start to feel dated. With a vibe shift, we’re talking about taking a long lens look at life, and all the components of it: style, pop culture and your personal relationships and behaviors.

One thing you might not realize is a switch up in your vibe and energy typically starts at home in your space. Adora Windquist is a modern alchemist who is an innovator in the realms of aromatherapy and energy medicine. She is also the best-selling author of Detox, Nourish, Activate: Plant and Vibrational Medicine for Energy Mood, and Love, in which she details benefits of herbal medicine, crystals, meditation and mindfulness to detox your life and let positive energy shine in.

Here Winquist, who is also the creator of the Adora line of aromatherapy products, shares three expert tips for cleansing your at-home space to help re-boot your energy flow and your vibe.

Smudge It
This practice is all about cleaning the energy of your space and it’s done by burning little bundles of aromatic plant materials like palo santo, rosemary or sage. “When introducing the art of smudging into your personal environment, intention is paramount,” says Windquist. “Begin with an intention of gratitude for the plants and the cultural connections that brought for its wisdom and medicine forward for us all to benefit for a unified perspective. Next, consider your desired benefit. The sacred plants are incredible versatile and at the same time, have key aspects to their nature and the alchemy that they offer.” Once done your cleanse ritual, extinguish your smudge stick in a bowl of sand.

Cleansing Crystals
“Placing crystals in your sacred spaces are good ways to help cleanse energy and regain new intentions,” Windquist says. “Every crystal type has a different purpose. Some stones may be best used to heal the body, or to tap intuition during meditation, while other stones are used in technology or as a part of building structures.” A few crystals Windquist recommends shopping for inclued citrine which are associated with creativity and wealth; rose quartz which fosters positive energy; lapis lazuli which promotes speaking one’s truth with grace, ease, and confidence; and clear crystals which she says are the ultimate healers.

The Power of Scent
Windquist is a huge advocate of aromatherapy and essential oils to heal and cleanse. Unique blends and applications will garner different results. For core alignment, roll on an essential oil blend like Adora’s Core Alignment to clear unwanted energies, infuse positive energy, and align the hara—the area around the navel in the centre of the abdomen, which in Chinese medicine is thought to be the where we gain our core physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. She also recommends spritzing an aromatherapeutic blend into your home environment, which will have an equally powerful cleansing effect.

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