Don’t Apologize

Forget the ˜Love Story‘ tagline: Life means having to say you’re sorry. Did you let that door shut on the next person coming through? That’s worthy of an apology. But sometimes, there are things you should never apologize for.

Always being on time
You should be on time. Maybe the party that starts around 8ish gives you leeway. But the meeting at the coffee shop for 3:00 means: Be there at three. There is a strange phenomenon going around:  suddenly people feel embarrassed at their ability to tell time. If the person you are meeting thinks the 3:00 meeting means 3:30? Then that person owes you an apology. 

Cleaning up your Facebook friends list
You love the fun pictures, the funny stories, the words of support that show up on your Facebook page. But maybe you are tired of hearing about someone’s awesome weekend escapades or their regular whoop-it-up get-togethers with the girls (that never includes you). Plus what were you thinking when you confirmed that ex“boyfriend? It’s your Facebook page for a reason. Make it your zen place to visit. Clean it up without any apologies. You’ll ˜Like’ it.

Doing something silly
One person’s silly is another person’s strange. Don’t let that stop you. Wear orange converse high tops. Sing loud in the car. Read the comics “ I mean, a graphic novel in the subway. Stop worrying about how the other person may react. You will definitely be having a better time and completely forget any crazy desire to apologize. Want to drink Kool-Aid through a red licorice straw? Gross “ but do it.

Being right
Now, the flip side of this is: Don’t dance and recite four refrains of  ˜I told you so’. But if you are right, be right. Own right. Wear right. Just wear it humbly. 

Making a mistake
This one is tricky. Sure, if you accuse him of infidelity and it turns out, he was just working late: then you owe him an apology. But try a new recipe and fail? Suggest the new Green Lantern movie on a date night? Order jellyfish and hate it on the first sniff? Be glad that you tried, not sorry that you did. 

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