Do You Feel Like a Sweaty Mess in Summer?

We may soak up the sun and bask on the beach, but regardless of how much we welcome the summer months, you can’t deny that sweating puts a damper on those hot humid days. That’s why we spoke to wellness expert Kelly Millar who enlightened us on ways to stay cool “ from deodorant to fabric choices.

Q: How can you combat medically diagnosed sweating conditions?
KM: There are many treatment options for excessive sweating such as Botox injections “ which several clients of mine have had incredible success with. Certain anti-perspirants are also excellent options, but if sweating is a major issue for you, check out which is a wonderful site, or check with your dermatologist.

Q: From a fashion perspective, are there certain fabrics to steer away from if you’re looking to stay cool? Or fashions to lean towards?
KM: Sweating is something that affects everyone. However, it is possible to stay cool and still be stylish during the hottest summer months. Opt for natural fabrics over synthetic (polyester) like cotton and linen “ and ladies, take advantage of wearing fun, bright stylish dresses and skirts.

Q: How do you treat a silk shirt that’s been sweat-stained? Is there any way to salvage it?
KM: Unfortunately, silk tops that have been badly stained often cannot be saved, and their stains do not come out. However, many basic sweat stains do if you have your dry cleaner treat them. My suggestion is that if you are a heavy sweater then avoid silk tops altogether “ especially in the summer. Rather opt for cotton or linen options that conceal perspiration much better.

Q: As a wellness expert, what are your tips on choosing the right anti-perspirant or deodorant for those hot summer months?
Kelly Millar: Opt for a quality deodorant or anti-perspirant in order to avoid staining tops and blouses “ they’re much more effective. I like Elizabeth Arden Tea Tree deodorant.

Q: What’s the main difference between anti-perpirant and deodorant? Are there any truth to the rumours that one is worse or better for you?
KM: I believe there is some truth to deodorants being healthier options for women than anti-perspirants [which] are designed to prevent you from sweating. [But it’s] best to check with your doctor or medical professional for more details.






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