Better choices for Holiday Sweets

It’s easy to overeat during the holiday season “ there can be a lot of stress, financially, emotionally, and otherwise, plus holiday treats abound. Whether at home, at the office, with friends or just out and about, tempting desserts and other snacks seem to surround you. And sometimes, you just can’t resist. Some holiday sweets, however, are better choices than others “ fewer calories, less fat, etc.  For tips on making better choices this holiday season, see below.

High calories choices:

Nothing says pie like the holidays, but a slice can cost you when it comes to calories. Apple pie is about  400, pecan pie can be as high as 500. Pumpkin is the better choice, but even that is high at 300 calories per slice.

Fudge with nuts
Fudge is so delicious and as the holidays approach the choices and flavors only increase, but one lonely piece of fudge can be close to 500 calories

Fruit cake
Ah, the holiday fruit cake, weighing in at a 300-calorie count per slice. A better choice than some but not really a good choice when it comes to holiday sweets.

Spiced cider
Spiced cider is a wonderful holiday treat, especially if it is served hot on a cold winter day, but at  300 calories per cup you may want to stick with the Diet Sprite.  

Another treat that springs up at the holidays, eggnog can be 300 calories a cup or more, and that’s without any alcohol added! Delicious but dangerous. The same goes for hot buttered rum, another 300 calorie holiday treat

Also avoid:  Cheese and crackers
One cube of cheese is about 70 calories, crackers can be up to 30 calories or more a piece, and you know you’re not going to eat just one piece of cheese! Mixed nuts are usually a bad choice, too, despite how good nuts are for you. Half a cup of mixed nuts can be almost 500 calories and 50 grams of fat! Dips are another no-no “ even if you are dipping celery and carrot sticks, you still risk up to a 200-calorie count per tablespoon. Try some of the holiday treats below instead.

Better choices for treats:

One large truffle
Delicious and only 100 calories for each of these sweets. But like potato chips you may want to eat more than just one, so take one and move along.

Chocolate covered pretzels
You can have seven of these sweets for 90 calories, making them a better choice than other chocolate covered holiday sweets.

One brownie
Now, show some self control. Choose a 1-1/2 inch square and get away with only 100 calories.

Lemon bar
More self control “ same size as the brownie (1-1/2 inch square) and the same calorie count (only 100.)

Coconut macaroon
You can eat a good sized one of these treats and still only consume about 100 calories. Not a huge one, but larger than the brownie. Stick with two to three inches across.

Happy Holidays!

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