Daily Ways to be More Sensual

Be more aware of your senses – taking the time to notice your surroundings – the way they look, sound, smell, increases the depth of your life. When you make the effort to be more sensual, the world becomes a more multi dimensional place. Make today the day your sensual awakening starts!

Be present

Time slows down when you choose to slow down. Accept the present moment for what it is, without resisting it, and you'll start to notice things in a more intense way. Your experiences will be more fulfilling if you take more time to deeply engage with them. Quit doing two, three, four things at once, starting by exiting out of the multiple tabs you have up when you're on the web! Dedicate your time and energy to the present moment, then your senses will awaken to it.

Amp up the art in your life

Increase the quality of the beauty in your life. Buy a few of your favourite prints and hang them on your walls, or make your own collages or paintings. Splurge on an art gallery membership or make a date with a friend to check out an indie gallery. Download some music that transports you to another era. Surround yourself with sensual inspiration and feel how good it feels to engage with something recreational that isn't doesn't include a screen. This is pleasure, not mindlessness!

Take pride in your space

Making a few changes to your space can have a big impact. Plants and flowers can another dimension of life to a room. They clean the air and act as natural potpourri. Make your space beautiful and love being in it. Increase the touch ability in it with big pillows, throw blankets, lighting you can dim or brighten according to your mood. Make walking into it feel like you're getting a hug.

Celebrate yourself

However you want to. If you're into fashion, wear what you want, where you want. If you're into dancing, throw on whatever album moves you and throw your hands into the air and wave 'em around like you just don't care. Do you thing and do it now. Be perceptive to the way you're feeling, regardless of how you think you should feel, and let that guide the way you present yourself to the world. Look inward to discover your definition of pleasure, and go with it! 

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