Creative Ways to Keep Your Appetite in Check

If you are watching your weight, dieting, or just trying to break some snacking habits, you know that sometimes hunger just seems to spring out of nowhere. And once your appetite has been awakened, it often seems that there is no way to keep it in check. There are, however, a few tricks you can try to get food off your mind and your appetite back under control. So the next time the hungries jump out at you, try one or more of the tips below.

Try some cinnamon
And no, not cinnamon buns (although that would sure take care of your appetite!) Instead, try putting a little bit of cinnamon right on the tip of your tongue. Believe it or not, this little trick has been shown to keep your appetite at bay. So try it “ what have you got to lose?

Avoid eating just carbs
A meal of just carbohydrates can leave you feeling hungrier than you would if you combined a carb and a protein. So have some yogurt with fruit, some cottage cheese with a salad, or any other combination that you enjoy. This may help you keep your appetite in check without even really trying.

Drink some water
Water can be a natural appetite suppressant, so the next time hunger strikes, try drinking a nice, cold glass of water. This is often all it takes to keep your appetite under control, and drinking more water is always a good thing.

Eat an apple
An apple a day keeps your appetite at bay “ okay, that’s not the real saying, but this is another simple trick that has been shown to keep cravings down. The crunch and sweetness can satisfy cravings, and apples help to stabilize blood sugar, thereby keeping your appetite in check.

Brush your teeth
There is something about the minty taste of toothpaste that gets your appetite to calm down and makes it easier to keep it in check. Plus, brushing your teeth can make you feel virtuous about having a clean mouth, and help control cravings for sticky or sugary snacks.

Have some tea
Flavored teas have been shown to help keep an appetite in check. Taking the time to brew the tea can distract you from giving in to immediate cravings (sometimes just stopping those food thoughts is all it takes), and then the flavor and warmth of the tea can help suppress the appetite even more. There are so many flavors of herbal teas out there that you are sure to find one you like that helps you keep your appetite in check.

Have some soup
Like tea, the flavor and warmth of a cup of soup will help keep an appetite in check. A cup of chicken noodle soup is only about seventy calories, and will probably keep you satisfied until dinner time. Plus it will also give you some veggies and a little protein, and is certainly a better choice than a bag of chips or a dish of ice cream!

Chew some gum
This is another way of tricking the hungries into thinking they are being satisfied. You’re chewing, you’re tasting, your appetite thinks it has won and miraculously cravings are in check. There are lots of fun gum flavors available, things like lemonade splash and kiwi strawberry whatever. These can help supply a sweet fix with only five calories. Or try a minty gum, which may replicate the appetite suppressing effects of brushing your teeth as well.

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