Confidence Tricks

It’s hard to stay positive. On bad days or during bad weeks (and months), the last thing you believe is that you can get what you want. But instead of wallowing in bouts of low self esteem (and believe me “ we’ve all been there), here are some confidence tricks. And the next time you’re faced with adversity, you can remind yourself why you deserve to get what you want and why you should feel good about who you are.

1. List your strengths
It sounds narcissistic, sure “ but that’s only because we’ve been told to stay humble or embrace self-deprecation. One of the biggest confidence tips is to recognize your strengths. This doesn’t mean you should lord them over anyone or attempt a superiority complex “ simply make a list of what you like about yourself, and keep it somewhere where you can draw on it whenever you need a little boost. It’s only narcissism if you begin photocopying it and distributing it to your co-workers.

2. Dress your best
It’s proven that you feel better about yourself when you’re on your aesthetic a-game “ but don’t think that confidence tricks include losing weight, re-vamping your wardrobe or visiting a plastic surgeon. Simply take a little extra time every day to choose an outfit that makes you feel good, and when you go shopping next, begin to pick up pieces that create the same feeling. You’ll be surprised at how you’ll stand taller and walk with more confidence when you embrace who you are and what you like.

3. Look around
No, this isn’t about comparing yourself to others (quick confidence trick: comparing yourself to others is always a rabbit hole “ avoid it forever), it’s about looking around at what you have and at what you’ve done and recognized how far you’ve come. Odds are that you’ve made it through school, learned a lot of hard life lessons, and you’re still pursuing something you want “ which means you’re still learning and accomplishing goals (even slowly) every day. Taking a few minutes just to appreciate what you have and what you’ve done is one of the most foolproof confidence tricks: it’s just common to begin to lose sight when things start to go south.

4. Remind yourself that you deserve success
Fine: these confidence tricks are starting to sound like a page from The Secret. But if you don’t believe you deserve to succeed, why should anybody else? You wouldn’t let somebody tell your best friend half the things you tell yourself, so combat that negativity with having your own back. Like Kristen Wiig said in Whip It: be your own hero. It’s easy to focus on the worst “ so instead, focus on your best. 



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