Caffeine Alternatives

There’s not many people who don’t wake up, roll out of bed, and head straight for their coffee pot, which has already been programed to brew just before they reach it.  Others may stray toward a hot cup of tea.  And those who don’t drink tea or coffee are just waiting for their morning soda.  Our society is one that’s fueled on caffine, and more and more people are drinking the substance on a regular basis, not necessarily because it tastes good, but simply to help keep them awake.

Although the side effects of caffeine can vary (drinking tea is much better on your liver than coffee or soda for example), it’s somewhat safe to say that it’s not the caffeine itself that is bad for you.  Of course there is everyone’s own version of overdoing it, but on average, it would take a grown man tens of cups of coffee to overdose.  But, back to the point, it is the coffee beans, the sweetners and sugars that are to be looked out for.  So the next time you’re feeling the need for a caffeine fix, try this simple trick instead: eat an apple. That’s right, muching on a single apple can have similar effects to those of caffeine.  Not to mention it’s a much healthier option.

How does it work?

Eating an apple, or another healthy food, allows the body to slowly digest and absorb nutrients and natural sugars.  This process not only helps keep your body awake, but will keep it that way for hours … approximately as long as it takes to digest said food.  Unlike drinking a cup of coffee or sugar-infused energy drink, which delivers a jolt of energy, but then allows the body to crash once the caffeine runs out.  Typically the average cup of coffee comes mixed with artificial sugars.  This, while still fueling the body, can lead to a sugar crash. Oftentimes these actually leave the person more tired than before the caffeine was ingested. Eating fruits allows the body to come down of its energy boost as subtly as it started.

Why an apple?

Technically, any foods with natural protiens and sugars will have the same results of keeping a person awake.  However, apples seem to have a stronger effect due to both the crunch and juices.  These two elements combine to slowly waken and distribute naturaly-wakening nutrients into the body.

The next time you may be in need of a caffeine boost, remember which option will not only give you the lasting results that you’re looking for, but offers a healthy alternative to the daily cup of coffee.

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