BREEZER Makes Your Long Weekend Better

Sip, lounge, swim, repeat. The recipe for a perfect long weekend is all in who and what you bring with you.

The who: One of the best parts of the long weekend is spending it with our favourite people. Whether you’re cottage-bound for a fam jam, are throwing an end-of-summer bash of epic proportions or just plan on lounging at the park with some of your girls.

The what: Everyone knows that you need a few libations to celebrate the amazing summer we’ve had and no long weekend is complete without BREEZER.

The rum-based cooler is the epitome of a summer drink, with a tropical not-too-sweet taste (because two-day hangovers are a part of our reality now) and super-portable formats, because who wants to lug around a homemade batch of sangria or have to worry about grabbing extra ingredients? Literally no one.

Adding to the already wide range of flavours, the three new flavours”citrus, passion fruit and grapefruit”make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy and all three (available in both can and bottle) will make you feel like you’re on a tropical getaway, even if you’ve haven’t left the city.

Want to make your long weekend activities even more fun? Pair the drink flavour with the theme of the weekend. For those that are beach-bound make it as tropical as possible (even if there are no palm trees in sight) with passion fruit. If you’re hanging parkside, a citrusy lemonade substitute for grownups is where it’s at and if you’re having a low-key brunch with the ladies, grapefruit will give you a twist on a mimosa without having to worry about bringing all the ingredients (someone always forgets something anyway).

Whether you’re revving up for a party-filled three days or want a chill kind of vibe for your last unofficial weekend of summer, BREEZER goes from pre-game to lazy sunset sips seamlessly”it’s all in how you want to set up the scene. Plus, with this wallet-friendly price, you can ditch the BYOB on your party invite”there’s enough for everyone to go around.

BREEZER are available in 4 bottle and can packs for $9.95 and 12 bottle packs for $26.95 at the LCBO 

This article was brought to you by BREEZER

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