Easy Ways To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

The average woman gains one to two pounds over the holiday season. Sure, it doesn’t seem like much… right? Except when you think that if those pounds refuse to budge throughout the year you’re looking at a five to 10-pound weight gain over the next five years. Eep. Don’t let the temptations of the holiday season get the best of you. Here are five ways to keep fit this festive season.

Give the gift of health

The best way to stay fit this holiday season is to give the gift of it to those closest to you. Sign up your mom, sister or best friend for a trial gym membership on you and take them in to show them the ropes during the holidays and have a workout buddy to keep you on track into the New Year.

Keep a food journal

While it’s not a terrible idea to keep track of what you eat year-round, it is especially important around the holidays when we tend to be munching more and on less healthy fare. Keeping track of what goes into you will help keep you accountable and motivated to work it off.

Limit the booze

We know, we know¦what are the holidays without that second glass of mulled wine and a glass of bubbly at midnight? And by all means, enjoy those. It’s when you get into the thirds, fourths and fifths of those that there starts to be a problem. Liquid calories are the biggest culprit of holiday weight gain, try and stick to one to two alcoholic bevies at each event.

Get fit from home

Even if you’re back home at mom and dad’s for the holidays and the closest gym is miles and miles away, that is no excuse to go rogue. YouTube is a haven for those who are looking for some challenging workouts they can do without leaving the comfort of their own living room. Don’t let that Christmas tree scare you!

Venture outside

Again, just because you don’t have a gym in walking distance doesn’t mean you can’t keep up your fitness during the holidays. Round up the family dog and go for a winter hike or find a few willing family members and hit up the local ice rink for a whirl. You’ll burn calories and get to spend quality time with those who matter the most to you.

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