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So you want to become a yogi but you’re not exactly the most flexible person in the world? Maybe your bff or sister is fluent in downward dog, and to you, that just sounds like a trick your golden retriever, Bingo, used to do. Well don’t worry. Whether you’ve been to yoga a million times, or you’re just getting started, there’s a class out there for you.

Here we’ve got a list compiled of different types of yoga that will be best suited for whatever your fitness goals are. Looking to burn, burn, burn those calories away “ well there’s a certain type of yoga for you that may be different than simply wanting to improve flexibility.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio:
You’ll want to try any form of hot yoga out there “ whether it’s Bikram or Moksha. These types of yoga incorporate poses from other forms of yoga, but they practice in rooms that are heated to about 40 degrees Celsius. Yes, it’s toasty, but it’s also a great workout. Advocates of this type of yoga believe the heat stretches out your muscles (making you less prone to injury) and it almost feels like a sauna in that it’s a great rush of endorphins if that’s what you’re looking for. These classes are best suited for people with chronic injuries “ it’ll help ease any aches and pains. These classes are not the right ones if you’ve got high blood pressure or you don’t like intense heat. Don’t forget your towel and your water for these classes!

Relaxation, Relaxation, Relaxation:
If job stress “ or any stress for that matter “ is getting you down, you’ll want a yoga class that acts as a stress reliever. Try restorative or Hatha yoga. Think Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love for this one. These types of yoga involve a gentle, slow flowing movement of poses. These types of classes focus on relaxation, vitality, and meditation. This is the best fit for beginners and also if you want to gently stretch your muscles and learn how to use your breath to relieve stress. Hatha might not be for you if you’re looking for an intense workout.

Shed those pounds, shed those pounds, shed those pounds:
Yoga isn’t just for relaxation, it’s actually a great way to shed away flab. If you’re looking to melt a little excess flab, and build strength inside and out, try Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga. These types of yoga focus on rapid successions of different poses, with little to no breaks in between. Each Vinyasa class is different, therefore your muscles are constantly being challenged, moving in different ways, and stretching to new limits. This is a great way to burn calories, but also great at improving balance and posture. These types of yoga are best for athletes and fitness fanatics. Power Yoga may not be for you if you’re looking for a relaxing, meditative experience to yoga.


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