Beat Those Long Weekend Blues

It’s been sunny, warm and photo-opportunity central, and after a wonderful long weekend, the last thing you want is to head back to work and be asked ala Office Space whether you have a case of the Mondays.  Regardless of how much you love your job, the long weekend blues are a harsh reality so we’ve assembled a list of ways to make returning to the daily grind that much easier.

Play Catch (Up)

While bidding adieu to your Blackberry and leaving your email on autopilot may make those looming deadlines temporarily disappear, nothing will make going back to work worse than if you start off by playing catch up.  Since you’ve spent the last 72 hours relaxing by the lake, any stress will be amplified tenfold, so in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the 9 a.m. mark, spend a couple days before the weekend getting ahead of the game by obliterating that to-do pile and giving yourself true peace of mind.

Give It a Rest

While you may have partied like a rock star for the past three days, despite the fact it may be tempting to head home late and to make the most of the time you have left, waking up in time to do your hair and catch the subway will seem like a challenge made only for those with Olympic-sized stamina.  Therefore, in order to ease back into your work week, head to bed early and get up in enough time to make some coffee, choose your outfit and grab your train without the morning panic set to the Benny Hill theme.

Sweet Summer Sounds

Few things bring memories back like a favourite song, so while you’re going about your morning routine, commuting to work or grabbing a coffee, make sure you have a playlist that reminds you of the wonderful time you had while living responsibility-free for the past three days.  You may end up pining more for the memories past, but you’ll take with you the inside jokes and unforgettable moments that work to define those beloved long weekends.  Besides, only three more weeks and you’ll be back to the cottage for another holiday.  Cue: a playlist of anticipation.

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