Are You Getting Enough Action?

Worried that all those dinners and drinks are starting to accumulate on the scales? Try these not-so-typical date ideas for a healthier way to warm up to your guy.

Snuggling with your sweetie is always a treat, but if all the two of you do is stay in, you may notice your jeans start to get snug and your muscles start to go soft. Sex may burn calories, but if that is the only physical activity you’re getting, sooner or later you’ll be shocked when the scales tip. Just as classic as the post-relationship weight-loss, is the new-relationship weight-gain. If you’ve found yourself in a rut of cuddling on the couch to watch movies while scarfing down Doritos, put down the remote. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. There are lots of fun ways to be active together and the time is now. Read on.

Get out and walk
Take your romantic strolls to the next level by picking up the pace and adding some hills. If he seems bored with that, throw in some interval training by challenging him to mini races. Bet him that you can race him to the next crosswalk to up the ante. 

Hit the driving range
This is one your guy will be game for and it has more health benefits that you think.    Spending an hour there will burn 200 calories or so, but if your stance is right you’ll feel it in your thighs, back and shoulders too.

Take up tennis
The perfect sport for couples, tennis is a low cost investment and can do wonders for your body.  Most cities have free courts and all you need are racquets and some balls. Using the arms, legs and torso, muscles, you can burn about 400 calories during an hour if your game is intense. The constant movement on the court also helps tone muscles, which helps you lose weight even faster than cardio. You may even make friends with another couple and the four of you can play doubles!

Join a coed Frisbee league
Ultimate Frisbee leagues are popping up all over the place and memberships are cheap or even free in some cases. It’s a great way to meet new people and the constant running makes for a fantastic cardio and lower body workout. Burning a whopping 500 calories per hour, Ultimate Frisbee is the ultimate workout!

Taking your dates off of the couch will not only make you look and feel better about your body, but also keep your relationship fun.  Not to mention, all that physical activity provides the perfect excuse to wind down the day by treating each other to a soothing massage.  The perfect end to a perfect date!

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