6 Scented Candles You Need in Your Space this Winter

When I interviewed Monica Heisey for The Whale & The Rose about scent preferences, her remarks on scented candles really stuck with me. For example, I can relate to this one: "I want people to enter my home and immediately ask themselves, 'Does this woman own more than one luxury candle?' They will be wrong, I own one and move it around the house to whatever room needs to feel the most luxurious." But really it was her assertion that "sometimes it just feels good to spend $60 on a candle," that had me nodding my head in profound agreement.

If you are a grown-ass woman who has a space to call her own (whether it be a room, apartment, house or mansion) you should have a scented candle. Not only because people like me are suuuuper impressed when a space smells good, but because there's something therapeutic about deciding what your space will smell like”and then reading, relaxing, snoozing and living in that wonderfully, smelly space.

If you have the budget to splurge on a scented candle this season, might we recommend something festive? Here, our top picks of scented candles for the holidays. They would make great gifts, but in this instance, we recommend keeping it for yourself. You are a grown-ass woman after all.

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Peach, plum, violet, leather and vanilla mingle in this Byredo candle. Aptly named Bibliotheque ($108), smells rich and classic.

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