5 Ways to Celebrate Pride This Weekend

This weekend marks the grand finale of Toronto Pride Month with the parade trifecta. The Trans-Pride Parade starts July 1 at 8 pm, the Dyke March is Saturday at 2 pm and the month rounds up with the Pride parade at 2 pm on Sunday July 3. With such a jam-packed schedule, there are infinite ways to celebrate Pride, but because we know there that not everyone enjoys being squished on the streets in the middle of summer to watch the parade, we’ve devised a few other ways to celebrate pride this weekend.

Sit on a Patio

Since the Pride parade runs down Yonge Street, you know there are plenty of patios nearby. From the comfort of an outside dining table, you can watch the parade with a cold margarita in hand, and a bowl of wings if you’re feeling saucy (see what I did there?). Check out Just Desserts, Milestones, Jack Astor’s or the Duke of Gloucester. Getting a table at these patios might be hard though, and because I know we would both hate to be stuck waiting in line, I’m going to go ahead and recommend you call in advance for a reservation or get there well before the parade starts and get your day drinking started early.

Find a party

Honestly it will be hard not to run into a pride party this weekend. And that’s coming from the lazy kind of person who likes to limit her movement to a two block radius from her home. There are loads of events running around the city, be it at the Drake or Apartment 200 Queen West, but we recommend you check out the official pride events as the proceeds from these events go towards supporting LGBTQ charities. Our top pick? The infamous Treehouse party in the Ryerson FIDO quad on Sunday July 3.

Go to a concert

After the parade things will only continue to get, for lack of a better word, LIT. The festivities will continue well into the night, and on Sunday some pretty cool musical acts including Joe Jonas and DNCE will be playing for free at Yonge and Dundas Square until 11pm. And to think circa 2006 I payed over $200 dollars to see the Jonas Brothers Tour live, sigh.

Check out the street fair

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Church and Wellesley Village will be filled with local artisans, health and wellness stalls and delicious street food. Stroll through the village to eat your body weight in free samples and check out what the vibrant community and all it has to offer.

Host your own party

Not a fan of big crowds or standing outside in the heat? Host your own party! Invite some friends over for drinks at your place and make these rainbow jello shots or host a pot-luck picnic in Trinity Bellwoods park. I don’t actually have enough friends to do this, but I’m sure you do and I commend your efforts. *Raises glass and cries silently into single rainbow jello shot.* Cheers to the weekend!


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