5 Family-Friendly Fall Activities To Do This Weekend

I’m nowhere near as social as I used to be but, even for me, summer brings out my inner teenager. Summer is the season of spending all day on a patio drinking. It’s about wearing ratty denim cut-offs and crop tops; dirty sneakers and a general commitment to barely there bras. It’s about imbibing”whether your indulgences are staying up all night pool-hopping or going through the season in a less than sober state. No matter your age, summer can bring out your inner 16-year-old (with an ID and a bit of disposable income of course).

So if summer is the season of general debauchery, fall is all family-friendly and I kind of love that too. Fall is usually about putting layers back on, saying adios to bare legs and favouring sturdy fall boots. It’s about sipping craft beer and cider (alcoholic or otherwise), but tending to not overdo it. It’s about wholesome pies and afternoon outings instead of late, late nights and midnight poutine. Fall is very PG-13.

The important thing to remember is fall is full of family-friendly social activities, mostly so you can be a loner curmudgeon in peace come winter. Yup, that’s right, winter is about embracing your inner octogenarian”if you haven’t already. But that’s a listicle for a later time.

Here’s how to get your fall on in the most hearty and wholesome of ways”though we won’t tell if you decide to overdo it on the craft beer (or pie) anyways.

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Visit a farm


Going to a farm and apple-picking or choosing a pumpkin are must-do fall activities (and make great date ideas). Plus they make for great Instagram-moments (and IRL moments too, duh). Also, it must be noted that both apple and pumpkins are delicious and can be made into so many amazing things”like pie. Which brings me to my next point¦

Image via Dixie Orchards

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