10 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself This Month

ICYMI, it’s winter. It’s cold, it’s snowing (or raining — we’re not really sure what’s happening). You’re trying to keep your finances in check and stick to your resolutions. But, it’s still winter. You’re likely hibernating away and trying to keep your skin from completely flaking off, but with Blue Monday here and one of the most depressing months of the year mere weeks away, we could use a little cheering up. Pick one or several items from this list and do them this month to remind yourself that you deserve a treat, and prove to yourself you really mean it. Treat. Yo. Self.

Watch a favourite childhood film

If doing this doesn’t bring you a deep sense of peace for at least an hour and a half, I don’t know what will.

Get an decadent latte instead of your regular drip

Okay, so you’re trying to save your pennies and cut those extra cals in the process, but surely one won’t hurt. Why not visit one of these decadent-looking cafes in the process?

Buy yourself some flowers

A bouquet of flowers in a vase on a table does wonders to amp up the luxury factor in your place.

Actually make an elaborate recipe from Pinterest

Make a mean breakfast for dinner. Those yeasty cinnamon rolls. A straight up beautiful cake. Cooking is an excuse to bring people together and if you really do it like you mean it, it’ll bring you much more joy.

Plan a weekend getaway and write a full-on itinerary

Obviously, a getaway makes a stellar treat. But reveling in the planning of one is, as Gretchen Ruben says, is a key stage in happiness; by having something to look forward to, no matter what your circumstances, you bring happiness into your life well before the event actually takes place.sometimes … that’s known as ˜rosy prospection.’

Have a movie night

Going to see a guilty pleasure movie with fat sacks of Bulk Barn candy and a pack of friends in tow was basically the highlight of my preteen life. Who says you can’t get a kick out of this in your twenties?

Buy something to upgrade your bedroom

A new set of sheets. A new pillow (they say you should replace yours every six months), a comfy pair of slippers. An essential oil diffuser. A nice robe. When your bedroom feels like a super-cozy haven, you’ll sleep better and feel more relaxed. (And more in touch with your inner goddess, obvz.)

Go for a hike out of the city

Even if you can’t get away for a week, you can definitely get away for an afternoon. The Scarborough Bluffs or West Humber Trail’s river valley are beautiful hiking spots no matter what time of year it is.

Go for a boozy Sunday brunch

Mimosas and all.

Get someone to clean your apartment

In exchange for a vat of homemade chili or a massage, or running some other errand you don’t mind doing.

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