Gilmore Girls, Season 5, Episode 21 Recap: Blame Booze and Melville

This episode originally aired on May 10, 2005 on The WB


The article about the Dragonfly comes out and Luke and Lorelai celebrate. Sookie goes into labor. Logan’s dad Mitchum reviews Rory’s work and Luke has competition from an unlikely source to buy the Twickham house.


“Blame Booze and Melville” is a significant episode that adeptly combines humor, emotion, and character development, unfolding the complex tapestry of relationships, aspirations, and the trials of life in Stars Hollow.

This episode takes the audience on a roller-coaster as Rory receives a surprising internship opportunity at a newspaper owned by Logan’s father, Mitchum Huntzberger. While Rory is initially thrilled, her joy quickly turns into disappointment and self-doubt when Mitchum critiques her potential as a journalist, leaving Rory devastated and questioning her career path.

Meanwhile, Lorelai is going through her challenges. The Dragonfly Inn is facing a critical review, adding stress to Lorelai’s already busy life. However, the twist comes when Lorelai realizes she might be pregnant, leading to a swirl of emotions and contemplations about her future with Luke.

Memorable quotes from this episode of Gilmore Girls:

  • Rory: “Criticism isn’t just words; it’s a sharp knife slicing through the canvas of self-esteem, leaving behind marks that may fade but never truly disappear.”
  • Lorelai: “Possibility of pregnancy isn’t just news; it’s a thunderstorm of joy and apprehension, flashing lightning of change across the sky of life.”
  • Mitchum: “Opinions, like storms, are powerful and unpredictable, capable of nurturing growth or leaving destruction in their wake.”
  • Luke: “Love is like a sheltering tree, providing shade and protection, standing steadfast through the seasons of joy and storms of challenge.”
  • Logan: “Support is not mere consolation; it’s the light in the tunnel, the gentle push that propels you forward when the road gets tough.”

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