Gilmore Girls, Season 7, Episode 22 Recap: Bon Voyage

"Bon Voyage"-- Rory Gilmore Day is a smash, as the whole town turns out to say goodbye to Rory in GILMORE GIRLS on The CW. Pictured (L-R) Sally Struthers as Babette Dell, Liz Torres Miss Patty , Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason, Yanic Truesdale as Michel Gerard and Keiko Agena as Lane Kim. Photo: Bruce Birmelin/The CW ©2006 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

This episode originally aired on May 15, 2007 on The CW


Rory gets a job as a journalist following a presidential campaign. The entire town puts on a farewell party for Rory.


This final episode of Gilmore Girls aired on May 15, 2007 and brought a flurry of emotions, goodbyes, and new beginnings. As Rory embarks on her career, covering Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Lorelai grapples with the impending emptiness of the Gilmore house.

The town, in classic Stars Hollow style, organizes a surprise farewell party for Rory, showing the tight-knit community’s love and support for the Gilmore girls. Unfortunately, the weather does not cooperate, and a rainstorm threatens to cancel the event. In a heartfelt gesture, Luke stays up all night sewing tarps together to create a giant tent, ensuring the party can proceed despite the downpour. His selfless act emphasizes his deep, unwavering love for Lorelai.

The party is a success, filled with poignant moments, bittersweet goodbyes, and genuine well-wishes. Lorelai is deeply moved by Luke’s effort to save the day and their ensuing interaction hints towards a romantic reconciliation.

The episode also revisits Lorelai’s relationship with her parents, Emily and Richard. Despite the ups and downs, they express their appreciation for Lorelai and how she raised Rory. The series comes full circle, demonstrating the growth and evolution of each character.

In the final scene, Rory and Lorelai sit at Luke’s Diner, sipping coffee, encapsulating the essence of their close relationship and the series as a whole.

Memorable quotes from this episode of Gilmore Girls:

  • Rory Gilmore: Mom, you’ve given me everything I need.
  • Lorelai Gilmore: …Do they make flasks for hot beverages?
    Rory Gilmore: Yeah, it’s called a Thermos.
  • [last lines]
    Lorelai Gilmore: I’ll get you a thermos, that says “World’s Greatest Reporter,” to match your cap.
    Rory Gilmore: Oh yeah, about that, I meant to tell you, that I left that cap at home.
    Lorelai Gilmore: What?
    Rory Gilmore: Well, it wasn’t very flattering.
    Lorelai Gilmore: Well, how will people know you’re the world’s greatest reporter?
    Rory Gilmore: I don’t know.
    Lorelai Gilmore: I guess they’ll just have to read your stuff.
    Rory Gilmore: I guess so.

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