Gilmore Girls, Season 2, Episode 13 Recap: A-Tisket, A-Tasket

This episode originally aired on February 5, 2002 on The WB

Love, rivalry, and town traditions come together in this heartwarming episode centered around Stars Hollow’s annual Bid-A-Basket Festival. In this tradition, the town’s women make picnic baskets that the men bid on, leading to shared lunches and unexpected encounters.

Rory prepares her basket, expecting Dean to bid on it. However, Jess, ever the mischief-maker, outbids Dean and wins the lunch date with Rory. This not only fuels the rivalry between Jess and Dean but also further complicates Rory’s feelings. Their picnic is filled with playful banter, revealing the undeniable chemistry between Rory and Jess.

Lorelai, meanwhile, gets caught in her own picnic quandary. Both Luke and a very eager Kirk bid on her basket. While Kirk wins, Luke intervenes, leading to a charming and slightly awkward lunch between him and Lorelai, further hinting at the deeper feelings beneath their friendship.

Sookie realizes she’s accidentally made a basket, prompting Jackson to assert their relationship status by insisting that they’re now “basket married.” This comedic subplot adds lightness to the episode and showcases their quirky relationship.

Beyond the romances, the episode also delves into deeper issues. Lorelai confronts Jess about his intentions with Rory, while Rory and Dean grapple with the state of their relationship amidst external challenges.

Memorable quotes from the episode:

  • “It’s just a basket, right?” – Jess
  • “In Stars Hollow, nothing’s ‘just’ anything.” – Lorelai
  • “I didn’t expect you to bid on my basket, Jess. Or did you just want the food?” – Rory
  • “Kirk, you might’ve bought the basket, but you’re not buying her lunch.” – Luke
  • “We’re basket-married now, Sookie. That’s a step above hand-holding!” – Jackson
  • “Picnics and feelings, Stars Hollow’s special combo.” – Lorelai
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