Gilmore Girls, Season 4, Episode 21 Recap: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights

This episode originally aired on May 11, 2004 on The WB


Lorelai helps Mrs. Kim and Lane resolve their dispute. Rory gets stranded on a bad date. Liz and T.J.’s have a Renaissance-theme wedding in the town square, attended by Luke and Lorelai.


“Last Week Fights, This Week Tights” offers a delightful mixture of romance, humor, and drama, capturing the essence of the Gilmore Girls series beautifully.

The episode is set against the backdrop of Liz and T.J.’s Renaissance-themed wedding. Luke’s sister Liz is a recurring character whose whimsical personality adds a unique flavor to the show. The whimsy and romance in the air affect many of the characters, leading to moments of realization and connection. For Luke, watching the ceremony and being involved in the wedding festivities make him even more aware of his feelings for Lorelai.

Meanwhile, Jess makes a return to Stars Hollow to attend his mother’s wedding, encountering Rory once again. He extends an impulsive invitation to Rory to run away with him. However, Rory, who has matured over the course of the series, declines, emphasizing her commitment to her education and future.

Lorelai and Sookie are in the final stages of preparing the Dragonfly Inn for its opening. Amidst the buzz and excitement, Lorelai experiences a blend of joy and anxiety as her dream is about to become a reality.

**Memorable quotes from this episode of Gilmore Girls:

  • Luke: “In the dance of life, each week brings its rhythm, sometimes a fight, sometimes a waltz, each step crucial, each movement telling a story.”
  • Rory: “Growing up isn’t merely a passage of time; it’s a collection of choices, of saying no when the heart wavers, of standing firm when the world swirls.”
  • Lorelai: “Dreams nearing reality are like dawn breaking; there’s excitement in the light, but also the anxiety of a new day.”
  • Jess: “Impulsivity is the language of the restless heart, speaking in bursts, in hopes, often unanchored and fleeting.”
  • Luke: “Weddings are not just unions of two hearts; they are tapestries of hope, love, and the eternal promise of togetherness.”

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