Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: Love and War and Snow

This episode originally aired on December 14, 2000 on The WB

It’s snowing in Stars Hollow, and Lorelai couldn’t be happier. Lorelai has a deep love for the first snow of the season, but Rory isn’t as enthralled by it, especially since she’s supposed to spend the day in Hartford with her grandparents. Rory makes her way to Hartford, but Lorelai decides to stay back in Stars Hollow, as her plans to join her daughter are thwarted by the increasing snowfall.

While Rory engages in a movie marathon with Emily, which helps to bring them closer and gives Emily some insight into Rory’s interests, Lorelai enjoys her snow day in Stars Hollow. She bumps into Luke and learns about the annual reenactment of a Revolutionary War battle that takes place in the town.

Max Medina, Rory’s English teacher and Lorelai’s recent love interest, also gets stranded in Stars Hollow due to the snow. He and Lorelai use this opportunity to spend time together, culminating in a passionate kiss in the snow, leaving Lorelai contemplating the implications of dating her daughter’s teacher.

Lane, Rory’s best friend, has a subplot concerning her love interest in a guy named Todd. She attempts to win his affection by throwing a rock at his window but fails hilariously.

Memorable quotes from the episode:

  • “I smell snow.” – Lorelai
  • “When a woman gives birth to a crack baby, you do not buy her a puppy.” – Emily
  • “It’s the first snow. It’s magical.” – Lorelai
  • “So, it’s a typical day in Stars Hollow.” – Luke
  • “I’m crazy about you, and I want to be around where you are. Is that really so terrible?” – Max Medina
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