Emily in Paris, Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: An Englishman in Paris

Emily’s love life gets even more complicated…

Episode aired Dec 22, 2021


Emily tries to practice speaking en Français with a bored classmate, while juggling Gabriel’s restaurant debut, a Chopard soirée and a seething Camille.


In the fifth episode of Emily in Paris season 2, Emily’s love life gets even more complicated. She’s still dating Alfie, but she’s still having feelings for Gabriel. And now, Camille is back in the picture again.

Camille tells Emily that she’s broken up with Gabriel, and that she’s open to dating other people. Emily is happy to hear this, but she’s also hesitant to make a move on Gabriel. She knows that he’s still in love with Camille, and she doesn’t want to hurt her.

Emily also has to deal with her complicated relationship with Alfie. Alfie is starting to realize that Emily has feelings for Gabriel, and he’s not happy about it. He confronts Emily about it, and she tells him that she’s still trying to figure out her feelings.

Alfie is hurt by Emily’s confession, but he tells her that he still loves her. He says that he’s willing to wait for her to figure out her feelings.

In the end, Emily still doesn’t know who she wants to be with. She’s in love with two different people, and she’s not sure who to choose.

Ending thoughts:

The fifth episode of Emily in Paris season 2 is a good follow-up to the fourth episode. Emily is still facing challenges in her personal life, but she’s also making progress at work.

It’s exciting to see Emily coming into her own at work. She’s starting to prove herself as a valuable asset to Sylvie’s agency.

However, Emily’s personal life is still complicated. She’s torn between two different men, and she’s not sure who to choose. It will be interesting to see who she chooses in the end.

Overall, the fifth episode of Emily in Paris season 2 is a solid installment. It’s funny, heartwarming, and intriguing. If you’re a fan of the show, then you won’t be disappointed.

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