Emily in Paris, Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Jules and Em

Emily’s new beginning…

Episode aired Dec 22, 2021


When Emily’s personal drama impacts her work at Savoir, it pushes her to focus harder on her French lessons. Mindy faces off with a mime at her new gig.


In the fourth episode of Emily in Paris season 2, Emily starts her new job at Sylvie’s new agency. She’s excited about the new challenge, but she quickly realizes that she’s out of her depth.

Emily is struggling to keep up with the demands of her new job, and she’s also having trouble adjusting to the different work culture at Sylvie’s agency.

Emily is also trying to deal with her complicated love life. She’s still dating Alfie, but she’s still having feelings for Gabriel. And now, Camille is back in the picture.

Camille tells Emily that she’s dating Gabriel again, and that she’s happy. Emily is happy for Camille, but she’s also heartbroken. She realizes that she’s still in love with Gabriel.

In the end, Emily has a breakthrough at work. She comes up with a brilliant idea for a new marketing campaign, and Sylvie is impressed. Emily is finally starting to feel like she’s found her place at Sylvie’s agency.

However, Emily’s personal life is still complicated. She’s not sure what to do about her feelings for Gabriel. She knows that she can’t be with him while he’s dating Camille, but she can’t deny her feelings for him either.

Ending Thoughts

The fourth episode of Emily in Paris season 2 is a good follow-up to the third episode. Emily is still facing challenges at work and in her personal life, but she’s also making progress.

It’s exciting to see Emily finally coming into her own at work. She’s starting to prove herself to Sylvie and the other employees at the agency.

It’s also interesting to see how Emily’s love life is developing. Her relationship with Alfie is still strong, but her feelings for Gabriel are still there. It will be interesting to see who Emily chooses in the end.

Overall, the fourth episode of Emily in Paris season 2 is a solid installment. It’s funny, heartwarming, and intriguing. If you’re a fan of the show, then you won’t be disappointed.

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