Your Vacation Check-List

It’s that time of the year again to escape the grey clouds and the cold and relax on a beach with a Mai Tai or two. Your tickets are booked, your spray tan has been applied, and your new sunglasses are already on¦but what are you going to pack? Don’t worry”we’ve got you covered from cover-ups to cocktail dresses in this All-Inclusive Informational.

Shoes: 1 comfy + 1 classy
Comfy: More than likely, you’re going to get the urge to get off the sun lounger and check out the local sights at some point.  For these circumstances, think in comfort because you’re bound to do a ton of walking. However, comfy doesn’t have to overshadow cute. If you’re sick of sporting flip-flops, pack a pair of gladiator sandals to keep casual chic. If you’re seeking more coverage, check out Sanuk’s sidewalk surfers “ perfect lightweight shoes for surf and turf.

Classy: As for an evening pair, strappy is always a winner when it comes to shoes. Nine West’s Spaceage is a gorgeous satin pair of mid-length heels that will make you party like a rockstar. When picking the perfect pair, you want shoes that’ll make you stand out in a crowd, yet allow you to still be able to stand at the end of the night. With this in mind, think low, and think airy as your feet will be experiencing a lot more heat than usual.

Sneaky Extra: Think about bringing an extra pair of roll-up ballet flats that you can hide away in your purse to give your tootsies a well-deserved rest.

Dress: 1 day + 1 night
Day: I know what you’re thinking, only two dresses? But au contraire, you might want to invest in a versatile dress for daywear. An example of the versatile dress is the Signature Wrap Dress by Butter by Nadia. The dress can be twisted, folded, tied and knotted to create up to 15 different dresses (and looks). Talk about saving room in the suitcase!

Night: For a balmy night out, it’s best to think in materials: silk, cotton, and flowing, not leather, feathers or skin-tight. Halters will help to show off your tan and keep you cool. Beware of falling into the mumu trap though, so if you can picture your grandma in it, it’s probably best to pass.

Sneaky Extra: That one dress that you can only wear on vacation. You know, that one you have hidden in the back of your closet? Pack it!

Shorts: 1 pair beach bum + 1 pair makes your bum look good
Beach Bum: Bring your comfiest pair to slip on and off for the beach; the pair that’s great for jogging, walking, beach volleyball and also goes awesome with a bikini top. This will be the pair you’re not afraid to get a little dirty, because it almost makes them look a little better. Try out a new version of the classic Daisy Duke by sporting jean shorts in a new hue, or in a high-rise fit.

Makes Your Bum Look Good: No one knows your bum better than you do, so pack a pair that will make your backside look the best. Think it outfits- can you pair these shorts with your pair of classy heels for a night of dancing? Short trends we had seen this summer include lace shorts, metallic hues, and scalloped edges. However, when it comes to body types, dress to impress yourself, it’s not always about the trends.

Sneaky Extra: Those super comfortable sweatshorts. Perfect for poolside lounging.

It’s always next to impossible to decide what to bring on a trip, but hopefully this guide will have cut down on a few things for you…so you have space to bring back the goods you found while holiday shopping! Bon voyage. 

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